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iBoss -  Education Management System
A Web Application for Educational Institutions
Version R02-2012

            Education Management Software is like a popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which integrates all data and processes of an educational institution into a unified system. It provides technology solutions for better education management, thereby leveraging IT for efficient management of academic institutions.
Why you need EMS ?
           The administration of educational institutions is a tough and demading one.It involved the collecting, storing and sharing of mound of data , which is a labourious and tedious task.It is also time consuming and prone to human errors when it is done manually.Wrose still , reteriving a particular data can be a party grueling and taxing thing.
Objective :

          Developed in close coordination with educationists after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of educational institutions, EMS provides all that you need for the smooth functioning of the institutions. This is a single point integrity platform that makes maintaining, updating and retrieving of data in ease of manner.

Key Features of EMS
  • Auto detection of student Arrear Exams
  • Built-In software for Internal Mark Calculation
  • Accelerate and Expand communications with SMS and EMail Reports
  • Graphical Analytical Reports 
  • Comprehensive MIS Reports
  • Integrated with Internal Messaging System
  • Reduces burden to Lecturers and Professors at the time of Auditing ( AICTE, ISO ,NAAC,NBA...)
  • Parents can keep track of their child's progress 
  • Lecturers, administrators,students and parents get their key Benefits
  • Produce True measure of KPI in student admission Module
  • Anytime, Anywhere accessible
  • Zero Hardware Extension
  • Extremely secure, login authenticated system

iBossController of Examination
A Web Application for Educational Institutions
Version R02-2012

           iBoss Controller of Examination is the system which revolutionizes the entire examination process by diligently meeting the requirements of the Educational Institution in conducting all kinds of Examination.It leverages the power of technology and facilities the conduct of fool-proof examination and reduce turn-around time.
Objective :
          iBoss COE is desgned under the access authority level security to mprevent misuse and mismanagement of legal and official data . It hepls to standardise the exam patterns which helps to save lot of time for examiners.The results and performance of the current exam can be compared with results of the previous exams, and all these comparison takes can be presented in terms of graphs.

          iBoss COE is a single point integrety platform that mistakes maintaining updating and retrieving of data in ease of manner.

Product Unique Features :
  • Extremely Secured Authenticated System
  • Adaptable to Multiple Institution Administration
  • Auto Detection & Manipulation of Arrear Exams
  • Accelerate and Expand Communication through SMS / Email alerts , Circular and Internal Mails
  • Support for Decision Making
  • Graphical Analytical Reports - Reduces burden to Lecturers and Professors at the time of Auditing ( AICTE, ISO ,NAAC,NBA...)
  • Eliminate Data Repetition in different section of the institution
  • Drag & Drop Interface in TimeTable generation , Subject Allocation - User friendly
  • Anytime, Anywhere accessible
  • Users with little computer knowledge can use this software very easily.

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